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What is Family 13?

Family 13

is the latest Cleveland video production company. Offering a range of skills and equipment in various forms of multimedia. We bring our greatest effort to your creative projects. Family 13 specializes in creating corporate video, commercial video, and web content. With roots in creative projects and personal efforts, we seek to bring a unique identity to every project to make your video stand out. Cleveland is on the rise and social media is constantly expanding. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our brand, and find out how we can benefit you.

Visit Our Studio

The Family 13 studio is fully equipped and ready at all times for your production. Conveniently placed between I-90 and 480, Our office is easy to reach from Cleveland and surrounding suburbs. Our equipment is mobile and easy to transport, but not all projects must be shot on location. In the studio we control the climate, so outside factors won’t interrupt the production process. Lighting, sound, and backgrounds can all be manipulated in a matter of minutes to fit your video’s needs.

In Focus

Robbie Puzzitiello
Robbie PuzzitielloFounder & Director
Writer and director, Robbie Puzzitiello is the producer that will lead your creative project from start to finish. Family 13 is the product of his desire to involve others in the process of creation and expression.

The Background

I suppose this is my chance to throw formality aside. Family 13 is not just a video production company. Family 13 is a brand, it is an identity, it is our projects past and future. Before all else it is a story. It is my story. And I have chosen to bring it to you in the only way I know how. To offer my service and equipment to you, my experience, my knowledge of video production, it is the very best I have. I am here to create, I am here to help, and I am here to bring Family 13 to a screen near you.

I personally have 10 years of experience in video and media production. My experiences whether educational, professional, or independent are all part of developing the craft and improving our overall production quality. I have always wanted to be a director, and I will lead my team and yours to produce quality content for television, web, and so on.

  • Camera Operator – WHBS Television 2006-2009
  • Show Host – WHBS Television 2007-2009
  • On-Air Talent – Black Squirrel Radio 2009-2013
  • Staff Writer – Live Music Guide 2010-2012
  • Production Assistant – Teleproductions 2010-2013
  • Content Director – Black Squirrel Radio 2011-2013
  • Student Producer – Mosher Media 2013
  • Show Creator – Newamp Network 2013

Write, shoot, edit. It sounds simple enough but that’s because video production is a process we have figured out. It takes a lot of time and care (and years of experience) to prepare multimedia as efficiently as we do.

  • Write: Know your story, know your goals, and know your audience. Write, revise, and revise again. Make a shooting schedule. Know where you’re going to shoot, what equipment you’re going to bring, and exactly how long it’s going to take to capture those magic moments.
  • Shoot: Grab your camera and go. Shooting video is the most active part of the production process but the most important thing is to just do it. Plan your day, practice your shot, and be ready to shoot again if what you get isn’t up to standards.
  • Edit: Once the energy of production day dies down there’s still plenty to do. We piece together the puzzle and add the finishing touches to make you wonder if your video was shot in Cleveland or Hollywood.

Creation has been my passion as long as I can remember. Before I had a camera I had a pencil and paper. I’d cut three vertical and three horizontal lines across a sheet of notebook paper to create a 12 panel page. In it I would draw whatever stories came to mind, involving my favorite pop culture characters. Eventually this worked its way into original characters. And those papers started turning into issues. And somewhere along the way I realized I wasn’t very good or very dedicated at drawing so instead I sat behind a computer.

I’d type with two fingers because I hadn’t yet learned how to type properly. I can now type over 70 words a minute. My style was very bare bones. And I suppose in those ways I was creating my own versions of scripts and storyboards. My education and my work in the field has helped hone that craft. Video production is something I have been training for my whole life and this is why I bring it to you.

When I feel I’ve earned the time to stray from productivity, I enjoy video games, good food at local restaurants, playing music, and sharing conversation with my friends.

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North Olmsted, OH 44070

Phone: 440-781-7232


Family 13 exists to provide you with professional video and multimedia service at a moments notice. Call us, write us, whatever you are comfortable with, we will help you figure out what it is you need.
To bring a unique and creative edge to each and every project we take on. Family 13 has an identity we are proud to carry through our work.
When we work with you we are welcoming you into our family. Your video will meet our standards, we do not just slap our logo on to anything. We are in this together and you will be satisfied with your product.