Audio Production

Audio is the most important supporting element to video production overall. People often forget how crucial quality audio is to making a professional production. Audiences are often forgiving of a video glitch or delay, but audio distortion is a sure way to quickly lose an audience. Even if your video doesn’t require dialogue, music or sound effects are often used to express the emotion a video wishes to convey. Sight and sound go hand in hand in the human experience. Audio is able to illicit an immediate response, it provides context. A song or sound can be familiar, nostalgic, or powerful. We intend to use these instinctual responses to our advantage to anchor in the viewers of your product.

Professional Equipment

Film makers are in a golden age of indie production because equipment has advanced so quickly. Consumer products now have the ability to emulate professional studio productions for a fraction of the cost.  When it comes to audio we have left no room for error. We use the top products from trusted brands like Zoom and Audio Technica to gather flawless audio samples. When we are outside of the studio, our production is at the mercy of the elements. Wind, cars, crowds, all of these are ever-present factors that can get in the way of clean audio. You want your voice to be heard, you want your pitch crystal clear, and we are offering the best product for the best result.

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