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Family 13’s debut graphic novel Cooney is officially available! Cooney is an original crime drama based on the real-life adventures of Robbie Puzzitiello’s Great Grandfather Lt. Martin P. Cooney. Cooney takes place in Cleveland starting in the 1930s, and covers decades of true crime cases that occurred in our fair city.


Martin Cooney departs from his hometown in Ireland where a lifetime of adventure awaits. He soon finds himself on patrol in Cleveland, where he is investigating his first murder, and encounters a deadly gang known as “The Trio”.


Often described as straight-laced, shrewd and broad-shouldered, Martin P. Cooney is the essence of 1940s pulp-mag and noir storytelling. A first generation Irish immigrant, he joined the military and eventually the Cleveland Police Department where he quickly rose through the ranks. He honored the line of succession, and turned down the opportunity to succeed Eliot Ness as safety director, as well as the position of chief of police. He was featured in decades of newspaper clippings, the protagonist of many detective magazine articles (including True Detective), and was described by Bob Cermak of the Cleveland Police Museum as “always in the papers.”

Cooney is a series commemorating the career of an unknown American icon, a true detective. Cooney was a staple of Cleveland newspapers and pulp magazines, unbelievably keen, and a friend of Eliot Ness. He is the prime example of a genre he greatly added to.

Why Comics?

Though Family 13 specializes in video and audio production, we see no reason to limit ourselves to one form of creative expression. We are constantly seeking to create and provide original content for entertainment purposes in addition to our coveted client work. But understand, our personal projects never take priority before yours. The reason we make comics is because they are so forgiving of our busy schedule (and tight budget). With graphic storytelling we have full creative control to tell any story, under any deadline, with zero limitations to location, talent, or any other factor that goes into making a feature film production. Remember, Family 13 is a brand, and this is our product!

Read “Cooney” Today!

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