Privacy Policy

To our valued customers, Family 13 offers this Privacy Policy for the purpose of informing or clarifying how information and content may be gathered or used in the course of your production.

  • Family 13 will make apparent the details required for your production, content and information gathering approaches, and future use of this media, with you or your company before or at the time of production. We will request a verbal or written agreement of any terms that may apply.
  • Family 13 will not share personal information such as (but not restricted to) names, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers with other clients or parties without expressed permission.
  • Your contact information will be kept on file unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Family 13 will protect your information and content from loss, theft, unauthorized access, and unlawful reproduction by the same reasonable standard we store our own physical and digital media.
  • Your image / production may be used in advertising or promotional purposes on Family 13’s website or social media pages unless requested otherwise.
  • By law, we may record any person in a public setting, but may not use their image for commercial gain or purpose without given consent.
  • Family 13 may record any person, product, artwork / intellectual property, etc. present in your production unless otherwise requested.
  • By lawful means, Family 13 will only obtain footage and information that is relevant to the process of your production. Footage may be gathered candidly over the course of production to serve as B-Roll or “behind the scenes footage” unless requested otherwise.
  • Family 13 will readily provide this information, represent it fairly, and honor your agreeable requests for your overall comfort and satisfaction.